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Most people have never declared bankruptcy and feel uncomfortable moving forward because they don’t know what to expect. Since each situation is unique, we can’t possibly answer all of your questions on this website. However, this page will help answer the most common questions you may have. If you have other questions that you would like to find answers for, please call us at ((918) 877-0542 for a Free Phone Consultation or Contact Our Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney online.

How does bankruptcy help me?

Bankruptcy is a way to stop creditors from hassling you, to eliminate or restructure debt, and to get a fresh start with finances.

How long does it take?

Depending on the type of bankruptcy, it may take between 1-6 months to resolve your debts and start over.

Can I keep my assets like a home or car?

This depends on the type of bankruptcy that you choose. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to eliminate debt, but you often lose many assets. Chapter 13, on the other hand, lets you keep your assets but requires that you make a debt payment plan that lasts for several years.

What does bankruptcy cost?

This varies based on how complex your situation is and which type of bankruptcy you choose. Please call us at (918) 877-0542 to discuss your situation and get prices.

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